The Ballot

Here is the full text of the language that is to appear on the ballot:

“The Daily Californian has faced a significant decline in advertising revenue over the last several years due to severe structural shifts in the journalism industry — this has left it open to the possibility of cutting days of print. Do you approve a $2 semesterly student fee, thirty-three percent of which will go towards financial aid as per the campus’ Return-to-Aid policy, beginning in fall 2012 and remaining at a constant rate for five years in order to ensure that The Daily Californian can afford to maintain its print editions while allowing it to continue to pursue new avenues of sustainability and expand its online presence?”

Below, it will ask if you would vote “Yes,” “No,” or “Abstain.”

Make sure to vote YES!

Further, the full text of the referendum can be found here:

Vitalizing Online Information and Community Exchange (VOICE)
Introduction and Background
As the media landscape radically changes and traditional sources of revenue continue to evaporate, student newspapers and the voices they represent seek new ways to sustain themselves. New online tools have allowed businesses to expand online at increasingly cheaper rates, while leaving those in the print industry behind. For college newspapers like The Daily Californian, an independent newspaper that sustains itself through ad sales and donations, such rapid shifts in the industry have made its print products extremely costly to maintain.
The Daily Californian does not face these challenges alone — the entire journalism industry is looking at alternate business models and ways to internally structure itself in order to compete in a digital age. It is vital that student newspapers adapt to this new media landscape so the pressing issues affecting us are given the breadth of coverage and discussion they deserve.


This referendum gives The Daily Californian the ability to maintain its print editions while it continues to pursue new avenues of sustainability and expansion.

Purpose of the Fee

This fee seeks to sustain The Daily Californian by decreasing its dependency on the uncertain advertising industry and propelling the independent newspaper into the digital age. The fee is also intended to provide training to students and prepare them for an increasingly digital workplace.

Examples of How Funding Will Be Used

- Keep The Daily Californian alive — The Daily Cal risks losing its paper edition without this fee
- Finance long-term projects to improve the quality of The Daily Cal’s coverage
- Purchase multimedia equipment to provide more engaging content to students

Breakdown of the Fee

Thirty-three percent of the revenue generated by the fee will go toward financial aid, per the campus’ “Return to Aid” policy. The fee would generate $46,200 for financial aid and $93,800 in revenue for The Daily Californian annually. The fee will not be assessed in summer.


In accordance with University of California and campus policy, one-third of the fees collected from this referendum shall be returned to financial aid.

Transparency Clause:

The Daily Californian shall make its budget available for the public’s perusal.

Referendum Passage

In compliance with UC and campus policies, this referendum must meet the following criteria during elections to be approved by the student body.
1. At least 20% of the student body must vote on the issue
2. A majority of the votes cast must vote in favor of the issue